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The 10 Ways to Engage as a Pink Petro Member

Blog Post created by Pink Petro Staff on Jun 28, 2017

We're so thrilled you've joined.  Now what?  

Here are 10 ways to get engaged.  There's something for everyone but the key is picking what's best for you. We aren't a women's network.  We're a community of women and men who care about driving a new workforce in energy: an inclusive one.  We elevate and connect individuals, companies and industry through experiences and content we create (and allow you to create). Your global membership provides you access to all areas of our award winning website, leadership community, board and speaking opportunities, Pink Petro TV programming, learning and development with top academic institutions, and high-impact in-person and on-demand experiences. 

Named by Forbes as one of 7 communities where you can connect to industry insiders, we hope you'll take advantage of the benefits being a part of this community offers.


1.     Get the current app now  OR  Request an invite to our nexGen app  

2.     Join a Mentoring Circle via the Global Lean In Energy Community

3.     Browse or contribute to our dynamic community

4.     Watch Pink Petro TV (on demand on live)

5. experiences in person and online.

6. our Ambassador Corp.

7.     Participate in the Coaches Corner

8.     Get plugged into HERWorld Series

9.   Tell a friend or a company.

10.   Get the dream job you've always wanted or engage us to help you find diverse talent.

You've joined the fastest growing community on the planet for people in energy who care about the future or work, talent and driving inclusive engaging workforces.  See you on the app, in person or online.  We can't wait to create community with you!