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HERWorld 2017: Faces of Energy

Blog Post created by Pink Petro Staff on Mar 1, 2017

We have a tendency to think of the energy industry through the specific prism of what we do -- upstream, downstream, executive level, procurement, etc. But there are millions of energy professionals around the globe, and millions aspiring to be part of this industry. Before HERWorld 2017, we reached out to energy professionals for their thoughts on the present and future of the profession. Specifically, we wanted an eye towards diversity and inclusion discussions, although the conversations often took different forms.

As we get more responses, we will add to what’s below. Both before and after HERWorld, this is meant to be a framework for thinking about the different challenges and opportunities of our businesses, and what those at different levels are saying as we ramp up again post-downturn.


Faces of Energy: Karina Izaguirre on the Workforce Challenges Ahead

Faces of Energy: Terry Stringer on Technology and People in the Next Era

Faces of Energy: John Sequeira on the Industry Value Proposition

Faces of Energy: Sunitha Katna on Energy Poverty Realities 

Faces of Energy: Peggy Montana on Policy and Reputation in the Next Era