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Faces of Energy: Karina Izaguirre on the Workforce Challenges Ahead

Blog Post created by Pink Petro Staff on Mar 1, 2017

Karina Izaguirre, SPHR, SHRM SCP

Global HR Leader in People and Organizational Development


One of the biggest challenges that we may not be thinking about yet is the generation  that  will be entering the workforce in 10 years, they are being shaped by the events of today. This generation has seen their parents impacted by the downturn and may even be encouraged to pursue an education and career outside of the industry. We may be facing  a talent shortage in 10 years if we are not facing it already now.”


There needs to be more deliberate and  proactive strategies by the industry to  attract more women to the  industry as they already account  for  50% of the workforce, not targeting women is a huge missed opportunity. Making the industry more attractive in general to working parents will also make a difference.”


We need to think about diversity and inclusion leadership differently. We all make decisions everyday rooted in D&I, so why not think of everyone as a D&I leader?


This piece is a part of the HERWorld 2017: Faces of Energy series.