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Faces of Energy: John Sequeira on the Industry Value Proposition

Blog Post created by Pink Petro Staff on Mar 4, 2017


John Sequeira Pink Petro HERWorld17

John Sequeira,

CEO, TL One Partner LLC


The greatest challenge is going to be getting those in the 20’s and those in their teen’s interested in entering the Oil and Gas Industry.


The industry has to do a better job conveying the message about why this is a great industry to work.  And this doesn’t just apply to college grads.  Some of the best paying hourly jobs in the country are in the petrochemical industry and we’re not marketing these opportunities well.”


The leaders of the industry  have to market the industry and all the benefits from working in Oil & Gas.  I had a fantastic career over 30 years and you never meet a retiree from this industry that isn’t smiling, professional or hourly.  If you can have a great career, challenging work and by today’s standards, financial security and the oil industry needs to toot its horn.  For number two, CEO’s and their Board’s need to get serious about changing the diversity at the top.  Some companies have done very little, some have been all talk and no action and others have made some progress but they hit a plateau. No one is a standout at this point.  Whoever decides to make a really serious commitment can really shine in this industry and right now no one is.”


This is a global industry and understanding cultural and nationality differences are critical.  The talent pool both domestically and internationally is becoming more diverse every day and those companies that have a talent management plan and succession that recognizes that will win.  Those who don’t will be severely limited on the talent pool they can draw upon.  Finally, inclusion is about managing the differences and that applies to every team inside an organization.  Everyone wants to feel valued and contribute to their full potential.


 Diversity is a fact of life. Inclusion is a state of mind!

This piece is a part of the HERWorld 2017: Faces of Energy series.