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Faces of Energy: Sunitha Katna on Energy Poverty Realities

Blog Post created by Pink Petro Staff on Mar 4, 2017

HERWorld17 Pink PetroSunitha Katna 

Petrochemicals Editor, S&P Global Platts, Singapore 


Energy is after all, the driver of our modern economy. Without energy, digitization cannot occur. Regardless of its source, energy is crucial for mankind to advance not just economically, but progress from a social perspective e.g., better schools, hospitals.”


The greatest challenge of the next decade will relate to how accessible, affordable and environmentally sustainable energy will be, to those who need it.


Energy poverty is a critical challenge. The more energy is used, it will bring about more economical and societal growth worldwide.And thus, the way we view and consume energy will improve.


This is a part of the HERWorld 2017: Faces of Energy series.