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Faces of Energy: Lucky Ogutu Okudo talks about Women in Energy in Africa

Blog Post created by Pink Petro Staff on Mar 6, 2017

Lucky Ogutu Okudo

CEO and Founder, Wex


“Let us learn from our past to apply it to our present and watch the direction taken in the future be successful. Seldom enough do we look at the root causes of our current issues. In Kenya, the need to advocate for STEM courses is imperative tied in with the robust Vision 2030 infrastructure agenda for the country as unemployment rates dwindle past 20%. We need a prescriptive individual approach to our challenges rather than a blanket replicated approach as done repetitively due to lack of research and impact analysis.”


“The energy industry is forever evolving with the application and use of new technology I enjoy that it is a constant learning curve; just when you thought you knew it all - some great discovery comes up. I love that.”


“We need different perspectives around the world from women and men in the industry. Houston can say their part, but what are the women in Africa saying; thats the inclusion and diversity. Globalisation removed the physical boundaries that exist and we have seen the flow of ideas float around the globe. We need more outfits like HERWorld that not only advocate for so, but additionally gain that multicultural perspective.”


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