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Recently launched || New drivers of the renewable energy transition

Blog Post created by Amber Bantz on Apr 11, 2018

Part 1: The impact of increasing demand for renewables from corporate consumers.

A game changer is underway in the world’s renewable energy sector.

Up until now, the renewable revolution has been led by energy developers and generating companies who were able to build renewable capacity with the help of government tariffs and subsidies. In many cases, the cost of this government support was passed on to consumers as part of the final electricity charge. There is broad consensus that renewables were vital for the global transition to a low or zero-carbon economy, and the consumer should help pay for this transition, with the investment in renewable generation being the first stage of that journey.

We are now seeing something completely different — consumers themselves are looking for ways to become 100 percent renewable in the energy they use and are considering the use of alternative technologies and solutions to address the low-carbon challenge. This is most obvious in the case of a growing number of global corporations who want to be part of, and indeed control, this transition. This trend is reshaping how energy markets will function in the future.

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