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Upcoming REACTION 23 webcast: May 16, 2018

Blog Post created by Amber Bantz on May 1, 2018

We are pleased to announce the upcoming REACTION 23 webcast taking place on May 16, 2018.

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Chemistry 4.0: Reinventing the chemical company with digital transformation

Digital transformation has become a part of the fourth and latest industrial revolution. Although many industries are making great strides in digital transformation, the chemical industry has been more a laggard than a leader. However, to remain competitive and explore new opportunities, many chemical companies are using digital technology for smarter manufacturing, stronger customer relationships and faster innovation. In the front ranks of digital transformation are companies that are no longer selling chemicals; they’re selling solutions to customers’ problems through new business models for the delivery of enhanced services and customized specialty chemicals.

Join Dr. Bernhard Kneißel, Director, Deal Advisory, Strategy, KPMG in Germany, who will be discussing these issues. To read Bernhard’s article, please click here and REACTION 23 Magazine can be read here.

This webcast is a must for C-suite and Directors who operate within the chemicals sector.

Participants are eligible to earn one CPE credit for this audio webcast.