Pink Petro Staff

Dad Facts: Setting the Record Straight

Blog Post created by Pink Petro Staff on Jun 5, 2017

News reports and books keep getting basic facts wrong, misrepresenting tens of millions of people.


Myths about dads are keeping Mad Men structures alive, holding back women in the workplace, worsening custody battles, and creating all sorts of other problems that Josh Levs explores in All In.  So with Father's Day coming up, we're introducing Dad Facts -- a resource to get accurate information about modern parents, particularly the most misunderstood part of the modern family.

Just a few of the myths this site corrects:

  • That dads sit around while moms do all the work 
  • That dads don't have stresses and worries
  • That one-third of kids are fatherless
  • That most black kids are fatherless

And lots, lots more.  Please visit and share.  There's also a support button if you'd like to help keep the effort going -- and get signed, personalized copies of All In for Father's Day gifts.