A Star is Born... Katie Mehnert, Pink Petro

Blog Post created by paula.waggoner Advocate on Feb 3, 2016

Taking the Leap features the women who have taken the journey into entrepreneurship.  This next entrepreneur helped make the Petropreneurs idea possible.  It was a little over a year ago that Kimberly Wilson and I first pitched the idea to Katie. 


The list would not be complete without our own, Katie Mehnert owner of Pink Petro.


From a napkin and a conversation on the tarmac in London [where is your husband?], A STAR IS BORN in 2015!  Many of us were there with Katie as she launched.  And that famous "HELLO WORLD". [do you know where that comes from?] 



Not long after that, the most awesome thing happened - Mayor Parker officially declared Houston's "PINK PETRO DAY".  You can see that proclamation in Pink Petro's office right when you walk in the door as a reminder of the amazing things that can happen we pull together and collaborate!  For those who missed the launche, here is the article: 


and the ongoing press since: News & Press - Pink Petro