Marsha Hendler - TerraFina Energy

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Indeed there are some very interesting women in South Texas.


About 3 years ago I met Marsha Hendler, owner of TerraFina Energy for breakfast.  I had seen a photo of her and LinkedIn - out of curiosity.   That was one of the most excited 1.5 hour coffees I have had ever had.  Marsha is the first woman operator I had met in 20 something years.  As she told me her story, I was just beside myself.  Originally from Temple Texas, she is one of the most gutsy women I know.  I was just so inspired ... she is self taught, not an engineer (but she is definitely highly mechanical by nature), and has a degree in hotel management.  The Eagle Ford found her, fascinated her, and ultimately led to her securing an operator's license.  She started TerraFina Energy when most folks are retiring.  Here is her story:!our story/cb3i


Marsha is now one of my clients (she was my first female client) and I also share an office with her in San Antonio.  Ever time I am around her I learn something from her.


Marsha's dream is to one day do an all female project.  Pink hardhats every where.  I really can't wait to be a part of that.


I know she will inspire you too!