The Power of Contrarian Thinking

Blog Post created by paula.waggoner Advocate on Feb 3, 2016

In November I attended the State of Energy panel in San Antonio.  There was an interview with Brandon Seale, President of Howard Energy Mexico that my guests and I found quite interesting.


Howard Energy is a San Antonio based classic midstream company.  They are private and have focused investments in South Texas and doing business to Mexico. Lots of folks have been asking the questions to companies doing business in Mexico about the impact of oil prices and their appetite for risk.  I found his discussion to be a very insightful glimpse into the thought process and decision making of a contrarian thinker.



“We can either be last in line selling everything to Houston, or first in line selling everything to Mexico”.


Now that is a real life example of contrarian thinking. How is that for a why we are doing this explanation.  Howard Energy has a highly entrepreneurial culture and is blazing trails in what Mr. Seale coined “Rio Grande Style” deals selling gas to Pemex and into Mexico.  Mr. Seale emphasized - they did their homework.  Clearly, they are thinking for themselves.




Here is a link to the recording from Shale Oil & Gas Magazine's State of Energy panel if you are interested.  You can fast forward to the discussion with Brandon Seale at 28:40 minutes in the recording. NOTE, IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO FAST might try listening through SoundCloud.  There is some back and forth towards the end of the recording where all the panels exchange views.