Teaching Children to become Technology Creators

Blog Post created by paula.waggoner Advocate on Feb 7, 2016

How do we tech children to become creators vs. only consumers of technology.


This is one of the most fascinating, insightful, and brilliant TED Talks I have seen.  Its from the perspective of a young woman and it focuses on how to channel the activities, playfulness and minds of little girls to becoming technology creators.  I admire her courage in doing this video to help women connect the dots and illustrate the road map from dance routine, barbie village, to still creative these worlds as adults through a language of math and coding.


As we unlearn some of our adult habits and thinking, in order to embrace our inner risk taker in ourselves - I believe it will be evident to you as you watch this video how you can redeploy skills, hobbies, and adult playfulness to becoming a creator of technology - not just a consumer.