The New Generation of Explorers

Blog Post created by paula.waggoner Advocate on Feb 7, 2016

There is an explorer in all of us.  Its a common trait I see in both intrapreneuers and entrepreneurs.  Exploration is not just limited to the physical world.  Yet to many in this age there is a feeling that everything physical has been discovered.  Take the young geologist studying at SMU.  Journey with him as he revisits a legend one of his relatives shared with him when he was growing up in Peru.


"In this age where everything seems mapped, measured and studied.  In this age of information, I remind you all that discoveries are not just made in the black void of unknown, but in the white noise of overwhelming data.  There remains so much to explore.  We live in an incredible world.  So go out  - be curious."


Andres Ruzo.  Ted Talks.