Cultivating that #Risktaking #DNA

Blog Post created by paula.waggoner Advocate on Apr 29, 2016

How do you cultivate that #risktaking #DNA in people?  Its a topic I spend a great deal of time contemplating.  I am interested in the topic obviously because I am an entrepreneur that makes a living helping other entrepreneurs startup, grow, change/fix, and turnaround their companies.  One thing I love most about my job - learning about their journey. What combination of things made them what they are.  The wisdom, the mistakes, the adversity and hardships, joys of success, thrill of the challenge, experimenting, testing, doing it all over again.  Learning.  Constant learning. 


What do entrepreneurs families do in raising their offspring that cultivates the #DNA?  Its not just families - our industry has a history of incubating wildcatters (not just oil but risk takers across the energy spectrum) and independents?  Whats the secret sauce - image, experience, mentors?  How do we replicate that to improve the number of intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs to provide them an advantage? 


So here is a fresh perspective from a VC talking about how he gets employees accustomed to taking more risks


What's your recipe?