2016 Women in Energy Leadership: Lifetime Achievement Award

Blog Post created by robin.dupre Champion on Nov 11, 2016

Last night was a pivotal moment for women in energy, but most importantly, it was an important time for females in general. When women don't have roadblocks, whether self-created or imposed, we move mountains. And last night, Donna Cole  proved that she is a force. A force that was recognized by her peers by being crowned with the Lifetime Achievement Award.  


This is just a few of her attributes and recognition:


Cole was inducted into the Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce’s Hall of Fame in 2009. In 2010, she was recognized as a Breakfast of Champions by the Harris County Education Department. In 2010, she was named one of Houston’s 50 Most Influential Women by Houston Woman Magazine.


"Cole has also made strides in bridging relations between the U.S. and Japan, gaining recognition by the Japanese Ministries of Foreign Affairs for her work in that arena. She has also served on numerous local and national boards, including the Center for Asian Pacific American Women, Asian Chamber of Commerce, the Asia Society Texas Center and the Houston Chemical Association, among others," stated HBJ.


As a mother and a career woman, I am not looking for accolades, I am searching for a purpose, finding an avenue where my skill set flourishes and I do what I do best - to produce work that not only challenges me but at times helps to define me. There are moments when situations arise that I feel that I am aligned with that mission. I hope that Donna felt that last night because she deserves this and so much more. 


Read more here as many women besides Donna were recognized for their continuing efforts in the energy landscape: 

Let's raise a glass to thank each of you for showing us all that we can do whatever we desire to. *clink*