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PODCAST INTERVIEW: Rice University Energy Course with Pink Petro a Success

Blog Post created by Pink Petro Staff on Aug 31, 2016

Several weeks back Pink Petro launched an energy decision making certificate course with Rice University Online.


The 15 week course, which started two weeks ago on August 15, allows our members to learn first hand from industry experts in oil and gas, petrochemicals and the electric power and alternative energy markets. We are thrilled that the response was so great.  The first Rice course has participants from members and learners across the globe.  Many of you signed up and provided us feedback.


In a recent interview, Katie Mehnert told member and radio host of the Jacki Daily Show Jacki Pick "We're a digital community.  We're learning online and connecting online and Pink Petro aims to bring education online.  Our role in Pink Petro is to help institutional organizations understand what learners want."


Chuck McConnell, Executive Director of the Rice University Energy and Environment Initiative is pleased with the response. "We anticipate we'll have over 100 students for this first launch group.  We plan to continue to offer this once or twice a year.  There's an opportunity to get more vertical in energy so that this first course becomes a primer.  The energy industry is complicated.  Demystifying it requires rigor.  That's what we're doing in this class."


Here's a sampling of the feedback so far from members across the globe:


"Home run!  I cannot wait to sign up for this course."

"It's great to get this kind of education at an affordable cost in the down turn and in an accessible way.  Thank you Pink Petro!"

"I hope this is a start to more."


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