Social media for news?

Blog Post created by frank.flannery on Jan 8, 2015

I for a while received an email that admittedly I thought was spam... for a while.  But after a while, it caught my eye as it was a feed of sorts for news in the energy sector.  At the bottom of the regular email is their series social media outlets they use.  I prefer Twitter in this case, but I am curious about peoples use of social media for news these days.  Things seem to still catch fire on Twitter/Tumblr/etc., but it seems to get lost in the fray, unless you are looking for it.  The site I am referring to is Petro Global News and their twitter handle (Petro Global News (@petroglobalnews) | Twitter ).


Social media is crowded enough with advertisements, so is it effective for news?  Thoughts on news in social media outlets?