Why be "fine" when you can be "fabulous" at work?

Blog Post created by mala.grewal Advocate on Feb 22, 2015

When you ask your friends “how is work going?” what is the typical answer you hear? The one I hear at parties and dinners is “work’s fine”. It wasn’t until a few years ago, when I started to give their responses some thought. Why are so many of my friends doing just “fine”?  Shouldn’t they be doing great or at least be more fulfilled? Then I began asking professionals older than me. And older than them. In New York, Texas, and California.  And the answers were very similar. “Work is fine, same old same old, but…enough about me, how are you?!”


When you ask an 8 year old what he wants to be when he or she grows up, what is a typical answer you hear? “A fireman!” “A ballerina!”. We don’t grow up wanting to be fine. But so many of us are. At least when it comes to work.


Fine is heartbreaking to me because it does not generate authentic engagement from our talent in today's workforce. The data in this video leads to a conclusion that we're clearly not bringing fabulous to work (for a variety of reasons!). Instead our jobs are getting a whole lot of "fine", yet we all have a fabulous inside of us.  What would our careers be like if fabulous was an option, an invitation, an opportunity from our employers and ourselves? Here are some questions designed to bring you closer to your own fabulous-ness so you can be just as authentic Monday thru Friday as you are on the weekend.


  1. Tell me some stories of when you felt successful. What kinds of skills were you exhibiting during these times?
  2. What topics interest you outside of work?
  3. What motivates you to work? What really drives you nuts?