Are you capable of change?

Blog Post created by sarah.buffington Advocate on Feb 24, 2015


My career in the energy industry started with change and change has been a constant ever since.


I gained expertise, career success, and leadership skills by being adaptive and a leader during a merger, 4 divestitures, an oil spill, internal restructurings, 2 acquisitions, outsourcing, multiple technology upgrades and platform changes, plus process designs and redesigns to name a few. So I know a few things about change!


It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most capable of change.” Attributed to Charles Darwin



Since change occupies a large, and significant part the energy industry, either you or your peers are facing similar challenges right now. The good news is that in times of uncertainty, the energy industry is a tremendous environment to create opportunities and positive change. And the industry values people who bring ideas and solutions to the table to address the changes. Yes!!


Use these 6 strategies to help you become more adaptable to change and you will thrive as a person and a leader.




uncomfortable – environments that undergo significant change are ripe with tremendous opportunities for those who put themselves as close to the chaos as possible. The closer you are the more you can contribute and add value.


confident – now is the time to present your ideas and solutions. Being open to change means you can be creative and innovative. Organizations look to people to solve the challenges. They also look for people to lead the way. Let your insights, knowledge, and experiences be the guide. Let your voice be heard!


tolerant – especially with yourself. You are going to make mistakes. You are going to rock the boat. It really is okay. It’s part of the process.


a mentor – there will be others who need or will ask for guidance. Teach them what you know.


flexible – one change will lead to multiple others. And no two days are ever alike. Opportunities will present themselves, so be ready.


optimistic – there is plenty going on to keep you occupied. But just know you are in the right industry, at the right time, to create positive change and outcomes for yourself and others.