Inclusive Leadership - Week 1

Blog Post created by jgardner on Mar 11, 2015

I'm taking a course on Inclusive Leadership:  Being a Successful Leader.  Each week there are 5 takeaways.  I want to share with you on a weekly basis those takeaways and share with you what leader I admire and the behaviours in a leader that I admire.


Week 1 Takeaways:

  1. Anyone can be an inclusive leader, and everyone benefits from inclusion.
  2. Inclusive leaders value the diverse talents and experiences of others.
  3. Inclusive leaders strive to never stereotype or alienate others.
  4. Inclusive leadership leads to people feeling more included and performing better.
  5. Inclusive leaders are aware of their own biases and assumptions, take action, and execute the EACH attributes—Empowerment, Accountability, Courage, and Humility.


The leader I admire the most today is my current manager. She's invested in my development. She encourages me to express my opinions and bring the whole me to the table. She rarely gives me advice on how to solve a problem. She asks a lot of questions to help me drive to a solution. She ensures that the work that I do is visible to her managers, by inviting me to leadership team meetings to present my work.


I admire collaborative leaders.  Those leaders who can drive the best out of their teams, but still has the power to decide on the final direction. 


What leader(s) do you admire?  What leader inspires you?  What leadership attributes or behaviors do you admire and why?