Recognition: What Works For You?

Blog Post created by katie.mehnert Champion on Mar 26, 2015

NewsPhoto135-300x235.jpgI was reading Twitter today and noticed a post from our friends at the Business Journal.  The Top 50 women in oil and gas were selected this week.  I am not surprised and very honored to see so many women I know in this list.  GO GIRLS!


Now I am all for women, and all for women in energy and recognition but why 50?


I'm going to be bold and just disagree with this approach to recognition.  Holding an event to honor 50 women over a nice meal that companies pay for participation, for me doesn't do women justice.  I've seen other media groups do teas and advertisement sales to make money.  A meal is nice.  Tea is nice.  But do you see the top 50 men in oil and gas having lunches and galas to celebrate men?


NO.  Plain and simple men step up and get recognized as experts because they use their voices.  They advocate.  They take a position.  They put their perspectives on the table.  They get invited to speak because they have something to say.


This has got to change.  Go look at CERA Week and the Offshore Technology Conference lineup and you will notice that women are as rare as that steak dinner you'll get for being the one called "Top 50".


Women need to be a part of the every day conversations shaping our industry.  Their stories need to be told ongoing and memorialized, captured by the trade media and the mainstream.


I'm open to hearing your ideas on how Pink Petro can be the force for change in this space.  Because my friends, you are worth WAY more than the fancy title for the CV and the steak dinner.  Our time is here.  It's time for change.


What does recognition look like for you?