Hey there.. yes YOU.. have you read a good book recently?

Blog Post created by joanndenise21 Champion on Apr 28, 2015

When it comes to books (and I am an avid reader of all genres -- ok few exceptions--) I like to know what colleagues are reading before I make an investment on my Nook.  And I go for paper on rare occasions.  The following I bought recently in paper because I knew I wanted to highlight, and markup, and fold pages...


I am currently reading Rites of Passage by John Lucht which is an excellent handbook on Executive job change and faster career progress.  Most of the content is relevant for all job seekers.  But author does devote a fair amount of time to Executive Recruiters (Contingency).  I think this book is helpful for anyone looking to change careers and leverage social media.  At a minimum go to the local library and checkout/review.


What started out as a reference handbook 'cause I wanted to read more about negotiating an employment contract & networking, is keeping me up at night, cause I'm actually reading it cover to cover.   I'm on Chapter 4 on Networking with 15 more chapters to go. I started by browsing the entire book to hone in on areas of interest and realized I'm interested in all the chapters. 535 pages.  I might write a summary once done reading (if I can keep it to 5-10 succinct points).


For a couple of Starbucks .. its a worthwhile investment.  Amazon has the book cheaper ( click here ) than Barnes & Noble but if you have to pay shipping its a wash.


What are you reading that you would recommend?