Inclusive Leadership - Week 3

Blog Post created by jgardner on May 4, 2015

Week 3 was all about realizing that no matter who you are, inclusive leadership positively impacts everyone. Inclusion happen when YOU value everyone, for their commonalitieis and differences.  We talked a lot about how you make people feel like they are unique and a valued member of the team.  This week we discovered the EACH (Empowerment, Accountability, Courage and Humility) model and how you better leverage and value the diverse talents and experiences of your team, direct reports, and those you lead, without stereotyping or alienating them, or making them feel reluctant to share ideas that set them apart.


Being an inclusive leader is not about “using” everyone’s opinion and building consensus. It is about having your team, direct reports, and those you lead feel safe and comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions to enrich the discussion and arrive at a better solution or outcome.



5 Takeaways


  1. Empowerment: Inclusive leaders enable team members and people they influence to grow and excel by encouraging them to solve problems, come up with new ideas, and develop new skills.
  2. Accountability: Inclusive leaders show confidence in team members and people they influence by holding them responsible for tasks and assignments.
  3. Courage: Inclusive leaders stand up for what they believe is right, even when it means taking a risk.
  4. Humility: Inclusive leaders admit mistakes, learn from criticism and different points of view, and overcome their own limitations by seeking contributions from team members and people they influence.
  5. Inclusive Leadership is putting it all together!


Here's your exercise for the week!

How Would You Respond?  Thinking about the each model, how would you respond to the following question.  Can you create your own question?


You've been asked by your boss to determine if the your teams current organizational structure inhibits change and determine which part of the business can bring your team the right steer and right level of focus? What do you do?


A. Keep the evaluation a secret and submit the recommendations to your boss.

B. Tell the team about the evaluation, but don't ask for their feedback and input.

C. Involve the team in the evaluation, discuss the business challenge and include their feedback, input and recommendations into the final submission to your boss.