HSSE - Stress Curve

Blog Post created by jgardner on May 5, 2015

Attached you will find a stress curve that I use in my team to evaluate how everyone is feeling.


We have the file posted out on a Sharepoint site.  A couple of days prior to our team meeting team members open the file and indicate how they are feeling.  The objective is everyone is in the creative calm area.  The point of the curve is to discuss openly as a team, so if there is someone that is really stressed, you can resolve as a team.  Maybe the person has too many deliverables or they are working a lot at night to get things completed.  After the conversation, its just they need some support from other team members.


There are times when there are personal items driving their stress level and I typically take those conversations offline in terms of how we can get the person back in the creative calm.


Hope this helps!