C-Suite Profile: Paula Waggoner Aguilar

Blog Post created by katie.mehnert Champion on May 11, 2015


Six months ago I met Paula Waggoner-Aguilar.  She's the co-founder of the South Texas Chapter of Women's Energy Network, the owner of her own CFO firm, cleverly named, The Energy CFO, and she's been a big Pink Petro supporter.


Paula is a successful senior finance executive with 20+ years working for entrepreneurs, independent exploration and production, midstream master limited partnerships, integrated energy, natural resources, and oil field service companies.  She has significant experience working with senior executive leaders and entrepreneurs, executive boards, private equity, external stakeholders, and investment committees.  Likewise, she has an impressive track record helping entrepreneurs and public companies with corporate finance fundamentals, helping grow their businesses, optimizing operations and processes, leveraging and integrating technology, tackling tough problems, and building and coaching strong finance and accounting leaders and departments.


Yes, she's another wildcatting woman out on her own trying to make it in this Wild Wild West of Entrepreneurs!  I know there are a few entrepreneurs in Pink Petro...  Donna Cole, Clare McNamara, John Reed, Joel Moxley, Michele Ruiz, Timothy Hearon, Kimberly Wilson, Kimberly Smith ... and many more budding ones!


I'll never forget the frantic call to Paula in late 2014. I was struggling to figure out cash flow, balance sheets, and well you know, numbers.  I'm no CFO, and when I was a leader at Shell and later at BP I had some fancy finance professionals who helped me manage my books.  But when you're on your own, it can be scary to rough it alone with Excel.


Okay, forget scary, it was just downright maddening. 


Paula calmed me down and explained I just needed a plan.  You see as late as February of 2015, while I was spending loads of cash to build this platform, I was still trying to figure out my operating plan.  Paula spent time with me on the phone, online late at night, texting me things I should do, and sending me things to help me navigate.  Her knowledge of finance, numbers and beans astounds me.


Paula also volunteered (okay she was encouraged/nudged) to help us test our webinar software in January. She gave an awesome presentation on the market, amidst several technology issues.  Again, the calm in the storm, Paula showed up with a smile and rolled with the punches. Check it out here: The Bottom of the Barrel Webinar - Slides & Resources


Most recently I have been able to count on Paula not just for financial how-to's, but she's reminded me of the kind of people who make Pink Petro a special community.  She serves her clients and relationships with utmost respect and integrity.  Last week we strolled the Offshore Technology Conference floor and took a moment to stop at the Halliburton booth to take a snap, above.


Thanks Paula for all of your support, your financial expertise, and more importantly your friendship as a sister in the Wild West.


Catch Paula's awesome piece that ran in the Rigzone's Career Guide at OTC. (Our thanks to Bertie Taylor and her team at Rigzone for such a great resource.) NEWS  |  Navigating the Oil, Gas Cycles  |  Rigzone


Know an awesome woman in energy ?  We'll be profiling our members inside and outside Pink Petro.  Interested? Please inbox me or Robin Dupre.