Traveler's Tales

Blog Post created by julianne.mahler Advocate on Jun 11, 2015

One of those things we all get to do in this business, at one point or another, is travel.  And if you travel, you're bound to have an adventure or two along the way.  Sometimes they're funny when they're happening.  Sometimes you have to wait a few days (or years) to find the humor.  I'm sitting in the Lufthansa lounge in Frankfurt on my way home -- this has been one of those trips.  I'm just now starting to be able to open my eyes fully again after they swelled almost completely shut yesterday from an allergic reaction to something I ate.  And the Benadryl in my traveling medical kit didn't do the trick.  I had to show up at the medical clinic at 7 am for a shot in my bum . . .


Almost as bad as the eyes swelling shut, was the fact that the heel tap had come off the one pair of dress black shoes that I'd brought with me for my 3 days of business meetings.  Imagine me, at 9 pm the last night in Malabo, eyes starting to swell shut, trying to stick the heel tap back on my black pump with chewing gum!  It made sense at the time.  Of course, it's the rainy season in Equatorial Guinea, so I'm not sure how long that gum would have actually lasted.  By the time I woke up, I'd decided that black jeans and black clogs with a black suit jacket were the 'latest news' in business chic.  The government official I was meeting with happens to be an "up and coming" young woman whom I'd negotiated with before . . . we have a shared love of cute shoes, so there was way I was getting out of there "clean."  I just had to promise that next time I saw her I'd be healthy and would have on a pair of heels.


Time to catch the final flight home -- I'll have to decide which story to share next -- the head lice in Melbourne? . . . Or maybe, what does 'formal dress' mean for a business dinner in Abu Dhabi when you're the only woman attending?

Safe travels to everyone else who's underway.