What's Your WorkType?

Blog Post created by katie.mehnert Champion on Jul 7, 2015

One of the things I love about Jive is the work type tool they have on their website.  It's how they model their apps and help people and companies work better together.  I've been looking to see if we can somehow integrate the work type tool into Pink Petro so you can get a badge on your profile that displays your type.  I recently attended the Jive Executive Advisory Board meeting and we all had workt ype badges.  Any guess on my work type?  Want to take a guess at yours?


There's no right or wrong type.  There are many different types.  And in this world of social and collaborative working and connecting, it's important to know your type isn't always the same type as others.


Find out your type here:  WorkType™ Navigator - Jive Software   



For a description of each of the WorkTypes, see below.  Want to print it?  See the attached document.





aCoach Worktype_Purple.png



As someone with a Coach WorkType, you are adept at growing relationships by helping people see themselves in a new light. Your support enables team members to develop new skills, discover new talents and push past their perceived limitations. You are attuned to people’s emotional needs and always available with a ready ear. You always seem to know just what to say. You track others’ progress and delight in their successes.

You are the go-to person for bringing out the best in people.


bConnector Worktype_Purple.png



As someone with a Connector WorkType, you are the matchmaker and the bridge. You see what’s possible when people come together around a shared interest and purpose. You are known for your vast network of connections, which you’ve lovingly cultivated via contribution and reciprocity. You ensure everyone feels they are a part of something bigger. You embody the principle “give to get.”


You are the go-to person for bringing people together.


cEnergizer Worktype_Purple.png



As someone with an Energizer WorkType, you bring excitement and enthusiasm to your work. You have a talent for keeping people aligned, engaged and motivated. When the pace slows, you get everyone moving again. You naturally set priorities and align strategy with action. You don’t see problems, just challenges to overcome and opportunities to achieve. You instinctively know how to encourage people to move forward no matter how big the challenge.


You are the go-to person for achieving the impossible.


dExpert Worktype_Purple.png



As someone with an Expert WorkType, you understand the building blocks of systems and structures. You dig in to see how things fit together and how the parts work together a whole. You use data and experience to support your point of view. You have the focus and tenacity to get to the root of the problem. You develop deep specialization in your area. People appreciate your perspective, your extensive knowledge and your ability to bring clarity to the situation.


You are the go-to person for solving tough problems.


eExplorer Worktype_Purple.png



As someone with an Explorer WorkType, you are the creative spark and wellspring of ideas when things are just getting started. You see patterns and connections others don’t see. Your ability to keep an eagle’s eye perspective allows you to see new solutions to difficult problems. As a result, you are comfortable pushing into uncharted territory. Your vivid imagination and communication skills create a compelling vision that others naturally rally around.


You are the go-to person for coming up with new ideas and offering fresh perspectives.


fOptimizer Worktype_Purple.png



As someone with an Optimizer WorkType, you organize and coordinate the activities of others to increase efficiency and productivity. You develop processes, establish routines and embed habits. You track and analyze the data to measure progress and fine-tune the system. You delight in finding ways of eradicating waste and doing more with less. You bring an attitude of continuous improvement to everything you do.


You are the go-to person for making things work better.


gPlanner Worktype_Purple.png



As someone with a Planner WorkType, you like to create the processes that establish and streamline what needs to get done. You can connect all the dots, rearrange them if needed and explain to people where they fit in. You have the uncanny ability to see how a change in one area cascades into other parts of the system. You always think several steps ahead. You probably don’t operate the systems you design. Rather, you prefer to move on—solving the constraints and achieving the objectives of the next challenge.


You are the go-to person for bringing order to chaos.


hProducer Worktype_Purple.png



As someone with a Producer WorkType, you take great pride in bringing vision into reality, achieving ambitious goals and delivering results. You like seeing things grow and appreciate the value of persistence, discipline and focus. You write checklists and knock off your deliverables—be they small tasks or giant projects. You are a master of juggling many projects at a time and keeping all the balls in the air.


You are the go-to person for getting things D-O-N-E.