Leading Smart People

Blog Post created by rik.nemanick Advocate on Jul 16, 2015

A challenge a lot of managers in technical functions often face is leading smart people. When leading technical people like engineers, scientists, and architects, many managers feel like they have to know more than everyone on their team to be effective. This tendency can manifest itself in some destructive ways, including

  • Shutting down other valuable ideas on the team.
  • Failing to delegate important, technical work.
  • Hoarding problem-solving and decision-making opportunities.
  • Competing with those on the team.

All of these tendencies cause a team to underperform at best, and can derail a team and lead to turnover. This great blog post from Harvard Business Review has some ideas on how to counteract these tendencies and get more out of the smart people you lead. I'd be interested in your thoughts on the topic.