Help me be a voice for Women in Engineering & Science

Blog Post created by janeen.judah Champion on Aug 17, 2015

Here's an example of acting on flashes of insight. For the complete story, see my LinkedIn blog post at  http://linkd.in/1cVXiG5 .

I am now a guest contributor to the local Houston @KUHF NPR station's program Engines of our Ingenuity www.uh.edu/engines, which discusses ingenuity, creativity, engineering science and similar topics. Of more than 3000 Engines episodes, only 1% have been voiced by women and only a few women have been profiled. If we want girls to stay interested in @STEM fields, they need to see and hear examples of women discussing technical topics, engineering and science.


My first program aired on June 12 on the pioneering computer scientist Grace Hopper: http://bit.ly/1JO31KY

My next appearance is on Friday, August 21 and is on Decompression Sickness and Boyle's Law (yes, I am a diver). The program airs 3x/day on M-F at 5:44 am, 7:44 am and 4:44 pm. Engines also gets considerable traffic via podcasts and website hits.


You can help me with subject ideas! I already have about 10 mostly oilfield scripts almost completed, but I am still looking for ideas. I am most interested in: 1) women engineers and scientists, 2) oilfield, and 3) stuff I am interested in (such as diving). Rules for subjects: 1) appealing to a general audience, 2) deceased if a person, 3) not already covered on Engines - check on www.uh.edu/engines. I only have just over 3 minutes/episode, for me about 550 words.


It's a small contribution, but one of my ways of being an example, not just talking about it. @JaneenJudah