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Blog Post created by Pink Petro Staff on Oct 18, 2015


by Pink Petro Content Curator | Sunday October 18, 2015


Last Thursday Pink Petro held an executive coaching event in Houston at Ula's Restaurant. Wendy Gawlik with Challenger Gray Christmas gave a talk on the 7 Investments You Need to Make in Your Career.  Members and guests enjoyed a TexMex dinner with margaritas and networking. 


Here's a brief list.


  • Rigorous self assessment, both internal and external.  Do your current positions and responsibilities satisfy you?  Do you know your tolerance for change? 
  • A compelling resume ready to go.  Are you market ready? Does your resume have success stories built in?
  • Professional and online branding and presence.  Do you have a presence?  Most recruiters check the web and social media before they contact a candidate.  Do you have any digital dirt you need to remove?
  • Build and maintain a professional network.  Well if you're a Pink Petro member, you know about this one already!  Who do you need to know?  How do you network? 
  • Manage and invest in your own development.  Take classes online, in person or get connected to your alma mater.  There are great ways to get engaged.  And on Pink Petro, we're always listing Events!
  • Coaching and accountability.  Get a coach.  Did you know that Pink Petro has The Coaches Corner just so that you can ask a question, follow a coach or get connected to one offline?  Remember all coaches aren't the same and qualifications, education and experience is important when selecting one.
  • Take care of yourself.


The slides to the presentation can be found here for download.


Based on your feedback, Pink Petro is going to be bringing you resume and networking experts soon to help you with getting your presence together.  We are also going to hold a session on personal branding and why it's important to have an online and offline presence.   And please stay tuned and keep checking The Coaches Corner for coaching resources as we add them.