Hannah Fry: The mathematics of love | TED Talk

Blog Post created by superma Advocate on Dec 7, 2015


Come across this TED video this morning and find some of the content quite interesting and worth sharing, here are few quotes I like in particular:


“Despite the name, tit for tat isn’t about playground squabbling. It’s a strategy that encourages cooperation but punishes exploitation. The mathematical version involves cooperating at first, and then simply copying the previous move of your opponent. They stay cooperative, you stay cooperative. They cheat and defect on you, you cheat and defect on them. They go back to being nice, you go back to being nice.”


“This is known in economics as the “decoy effect.” What it demonstrates is that the presence of an irrelevant alternative can change how you view your choices. It has been exploited by marketing experts for decades.”


“The message for making yourself appear more attractive is clear. When going to a party to talk to potential partners, choose a friend to go with you who is as similar-looking to you as possible, except slightly less attractive. Having them there will make you seem like a better option.”


“But for all the extensions and examples, the message remains the same: If you can handle the occasional cringe-inducing rejection, ultimately, taking the initiative will see you rewarded. It is always better to do the approaching than to sit back and wait for people to come to you. So aim”

Hannah Fry, The Mathematics of Love: Patterns, Proofs, and the Search for the Ultimate Equation