Advice for Energy Companies on Retention

Blog Post created by katie.mehnert Champion on Dec 21, 2015

I have spoken with several hundred companies this year about the challenges they face with building critical pipelines of female talent.  The biggest problems they face aren't unique. Most struggle with acquiring good people and keeping them.


In October Pink Petro was a guest at the LAGCOE Drills Industry Think Tank Event facilitated by some friends of ours at Excellerant.  Over 50 attendees, both men and women, gathered during LAGCOE 2015 for an interactive conversation on retaining women in their companies and advancing their careers in energy. We answered critical questions around what resources, tools and forums women need to be successful in the energy industry, and what companies need to better leverage the talents of women in their organization.


Here are the top take-aways created by LAGCOE DRILLS attendees for women and companies who care about having an industry and company talent pipeline that includes women both above and below the management level. What do you think of these 5?





1 Capitalize on Capabilities.

Look for talent everywhere; sometimes it is hidden beneath the service. Recognize potential when you see it and actively support involvement in projects that will lead to greater responsibility.


2 Build Talent. Don’t Buy It.

Invest in technical, professional and leadership development. Encourage women to take advantage of opportunities for growth and challenge. Provide opportunities for education and experience both in the office and in the field.


3 Talk About Work-Life Balance.

Get input and figure out how the company can manage work-life balance in the realities of the energy industry. Promote and openly communicate about how the company values work-life balance for all.


4 Think about Safety with Women in Mind.

Support a culture of safety by investing in practices and protective equipment that acknowledge the physical differences, like height, between men and women when in the field.


5 Make it Known that You Value Diversity of Thought.

Men and women bring different perspectives and approaches to the table. Create a company culture grounded in loyalty and trust where all voices can be heard.