Gone in 2015: Commemorating Ten Outstanding Women in Science

Blog Post created by maria.bolanos on Dec 30, 2015

As we end the year and celebrate new beginings, we must also acknowlegde those who have contributed to our well being and progress.


"Marking the passage of kin is among humanity’s most time-honored endeavors. And yet, so often those noted in year-end remembrances are known to us as stars of stage, screen, ballfield, or politics — leaving those who worked behind the scenes to better our world largely unheralded. As we prepare to bid adieu to another calendar year, let us celebrate the outstanding achievements of the following 10 women of science and engineering who left us in 2015. While some may have been underappreciated during their lives, each leaves behind an indelible mark on her field, and a legacy that will ensure improved well-being for our kind, a greater understanding of the animal kingdom, and a more tangible grasp of our place in the cosmos."


Claudia Alexander -NASA Jet Propulsion Lab

Kathryn Barnard - University of Washington School of Nursing

Eugenie Clark - University of Maryland Archives

Aída Fernández Ríos - Galician Royal Academy of Sciences

Rose Frisch - Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Frances Kelsey - U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Anita Kurmann - Boston University Center for Regenerative Medicine

Dottie Thomas - Susie Fitzhugh/Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Margaret Tisdale - Welsh clinical virologist

Miranda Yap - Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research


Read about their legacy here: Gone in 2015: Commemorating Ten Outstanding Women in Science - Scientific American Blog Network