Top Three New Year Activities for Success

Blog Post created by suz.odonnell Advocate on Jan 7, 2016

_MG_6034.jpgEvery New Year brings with it a refreshed view of our life and career.  Here are a few suggestions for you as you start of this fresh year:

1) Revisit your career goals.  Whether you are following a steady path to a life-long goal or following your heart through a jungle-gym style career climb, it's good to revisit your goals from time to time.  While you know that they may adjust over time, you need direction.  Try coming up with goals for what you'd like to achieve by the end of this year, by the end of 2018, and by the end of 2021.  Even if your path changes along the way, these goals will give you direction for decisions you make and priorities you chose this year.

2) Refresh your personal brand.  Think about what you decided you want to achieve within one, three, and five years.  Do others see you achieving that?  Do they think you are capable?  Do they even know you are interested?  People will only select (or recommend) you for activities you want to do IF they know you want to do them AND know you can do them well.  Be sure that others know what your unique promise of value is and how your consistent delivery on your personal brand can help them. 

3) Find your true balance.  Stop feeling trapped in your current schedule or set of commitments. 

  • Think through what activities you do and when you do them.  Does this make you happy?  Be sure that you are delegating things that are less interesting to you - especially if someone else is perfectly capable of doing them! 
  • Revisit your schedule.  Are you staying at work too late at the expense of your personal health and happiness?  A new year is a great time to have a talk with your team about revising expectations about when you are physically and mentally at work.  Do you really need to check email until 10 pm?  Would you be more effective if you replied at 8 am? 
  • Get help.  Are there things that your colleagues, spouse, or others could do to support your personal and career success?  Do they just need to know what you want?  Do they know what you want, but need your help clarifying for them how they can help you?  Don't get stuck in the "I can do it all" myth.  Ask others for help so that you can do what you do well. 


Let's start a discussion here:

  • What are your goals this month, this quarter, this year?  How will you achieve them?
  • What have you done (or will you do) to delegate activities and prioritize what you need to do to ensure you reach your goals? 
  • Does your current schedule help you balance or does it stress you out?  What have you done (or will you do) to create success alongside happiness? 
  • What challenges do you have?
  • What questions do you have?
  • How can we help?


I'll be on Pink PetroTV in February with April Sharr and Lindsay Massengill too so I'm excited to have a dialogue with all of you!


Suz O'Donnell helps successful leaders maximize performance.  She is an executive coach, personal branding strategist, member of the Pink Petro Training & Coaching Faculty, and the author of The Career-Family Formula™.