David Feldman

It’s Time to Flip the Script

Blog Post created by David Feldman Champion on Feb 29, 2016

With more women graduating in business, science, and engineering, there’s no reason talented and motivated women shouldn’t rise to the top and contribute in historically male-dominated industries. Often women are asked, “Why are you in the Oil (or Energy, or Construction, or Whatever) industry?”, as though this is something unusual or unexpected.  The truth is, it’s time to flip the script.  “Why not?” is my answer to that question. 

My 21 year old niece just graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from a prestigious university.  I encourage my daughter to follow her dreams in science and medicine.  In today’s world, women bring a valuable and needed contribution to all industries, and all areas of business.   And with that in mind, I offer some thoughts to those raising young girls like I am. 

Women make great leaders

Look at all the women today with important roles in national politics, finance, and manufacturing.  One criticism I often hear, that I feel is completely misplaced is, “Women, are too emotional for the big jobs.”  It’s actually quite the opposite.  Their ability to empathize makes them effective leaders. They see the big picture and understand the details.  They are often much more capable of multi-tasking and motivating emplyees. 

Be heard

In some industries, unfortunately it is still somewhat of a battle to be heard and recognized.  This can be overcome by letting your voice be heard.  Men in the workplace are often very vocal about what they want. It’s important for women to speak their mind as well.  Let your boss know your accomplishments, so she/he can recognize the hard work you are contributing to the success of the company. If you want something, you deserve it as much as anyone else.  Go get it!

Connect with Other Women

PinkPetro is the perfect solution for this.  What we have here, and the possibilities of this site are amazing.  Nowhere else can you find the ongoing support, understanding, and opportunities that are found here. And it’s a great place to make friends and connections as well. Simply put, it’s solving the need that I will encourage my daughter to seek after:  connect with other successful women that can teach, help, and inspire you. 

So let’s all remember that today’s world is not yesterday’s world.  Stereotypes and categorizations are a thing of the past.  No matter your gender, race, or background, it’s time to shatter barriers and blaze new trails.  Just because that’s the way it’s always been, doesn’t mean that’s the way it always has to be.  At least that’s what I’ll be telling my daughter…