David Feldman

Exploring, Discovering, and Overcoming

Blog Post created by David Feldman Champion on Mar 20, 2016

How different would our lives be if Thomas Edison had given up on his 900th try in creating the light bulb?  If Albert Einstein had fallen prey to his teachers' beliefs that he was lazy and would never amount to anything?  If Benjamin Franklin had accepted the fact that he could not attend school after the age of 10?  It does not bear thinking how the editions of our history books would read, how different life would be, if these great people and the countless others that could be mentioned, had not pushed themselves to their limits. 


Going beyond the wildly successful, we all know the normal people who have achieved success in their lives by pushing past what was believed they could do.  The friend, co-worker, relative you know who overcame difficulties and exceeded all expectations, earning great success.  This ability to move past limitations is inherent in all of us; we simply need to find the strength and courage inside to strive for success.


As often as you can manage it, explore something new.  A new activity, sport, hobby, way to express yourself, etc.  You will never know where your strengths lie until you have given yourself the opportunity to discover them.  You may have talents and an aptitude for an activity or task that go beyond what you have previously believed you possess.  Unless you take time out of your normal routine to expose yourself to different things, you will never have the chance to discover your true potential.


Perhaps the biggest challenge of all is in persistence.  I shudder to think how many Mozarts, Babe Ruths, and Teslas have come and gone without realizing what they were born to do. How many people were born with unknown greatness inside but without the means, the desire, or the knowledge to tap into it.  These unknown parts of ourselves may lie dormant from birth to death unless we take the initiate to unearth them.  Learn how to meditate, to be able to truthfully and with unflinching honesty, reflect on who you are, who you want to be, and what you want to leave behind you when you are gone.  True self-reflection comes through hard work and persisting through the inevitable failures. Only by uncovering the deepest parts of ourselves will we have the courage to release our fears and push past all limitations.


The limits we feel we have are often created by ourselves. We believe we can not be more, do more, go further than we have.  We spin our own web of mediocrity and acceptance. Pushing the limits takes dedication, focus, and great personal strength.  Each and every one of us is capable of doing so but there are many without that drive to try.  Don't be one of the masses content with what they have achieved.  I urge you to push yourself, every day, to be better, be more, and reach the goals you've set for yourself.