David Feldman

Organizing Your Work Space

Blog Post created by David Feldman Champion on Apr 17, 2016

We all know that one person who is always insanely organized.  Their desk space and office are always tidy and they know right where everything is. For most of us, this does not come naturally!  Making sure you have a clean, organized office and desk is one of the key factors to having less stress and greater productivity at work.


The easiest first step to organizing your space is to get two stacking trays: the first tray is for new documents and unopened mail, the second for important, read documents that you need to do something with.  This creates a system for dealing with the multitude of papers.  You now have a pile of unopened things to look at when you have the time, and a pile for things you need to work on.  This seems like a very simple thing but it will work wonders for removing clutter from the desk.


Another great method to organizing is to create two spaces in your office.  The first is for computer work.  Since this is where you most likely spend most of your time, you'll have a clean space to work and get things done.  The second space is for work that does not involve the computer.  You can use the same desk or have a separate table set up that is free of chargers and monitors, cords and other technology that gets in your way.  Here is where you can flip through your papers, address mail, sign letters, or anything else that does not require your computer.  This helps to organize both your work and getting these tasks completed efficiently.


Next, you want to clean the clutter!  A plethora of supplies are needed in an office but these should be organized and kept out of sight in a drawer or cabinet. Avoid keeping out that novelty stapler or tape dispenser.  Clutter proves a distraction and does not allow you to keep a clean, open work space, hindering productivity. 


Lastly, grab a large trashcan and recycling bin and place these within close proximity to where you work.  Again, a seemingly minor action to take but one that carries great results.  With these bins nearby, you'll be less likely to open up a file and place it in a pile to be dealt with later.  Eliminating these piles is the goal!  As soon as something is handled, toss the trash and recycle the paper.  You want to make sure you have enough space in both places so you aren't overflowing, adding more mess and clutter to your office space.  A clean workspace leads to greater productivity and less time wasted on cleaning up and searching for what you need.


Organizing is a skill that most of us do not inherently possess.  It takes time and effort to organize our lives and workspaces and more time to make the process habit.  Once the new, organized you reaps the benefits of organizing, you'll wonder why you didn't start sooner!  Make your work day more efficient and productive by organizing your office. It's a simple process but an important one!