David Feldman

Apps No One Should Be Without

Blog Post created by David Feldman Champion on Apr 24, 2016

As much as some of us wish for the simpler days before computers and phones that fit in our pocket with enough technology they could probably launch a nuke, the technology and devices are here to stay. That said, there are some apps that truly make life and career that much easier.  Here is a short stack of helpful apps that need to be downloaded pronto. 


1.  Awesome Note


Awesome Note is an organizer that combines everything in your life in one place.  Manage your daily schedule, create to-do lists, and make use of the note-taking feature. Awesome Note combines the most essential tools that a modern professional needs. 


2.  Pocket


For all those times you've come across a great article online without the time to read it, Pocket was created.  Whether it's a business article or something that interests you personally, Pocket saves articles and videos directly from the web browser.  You can access these saved articles even without WiFi, perfect for reading during your commute or business travels!


3.  TurboScan


TurboScan is an app with the function to turn pictures of documents taken with a smart phone or tablet and converting them to PDFs or Jpegs.  When you're on the go, you can stop hauling around important documents, receipts or other files you need.  Simply click and have them stored on your device!


4.  Trello


Trello is the premiere management app for projects and team activities.  When you have to collaborate with your coworkers, this app allows for members to brainstorm, monitor task lists and checklists, and divide up the work duties for all to see.  Trello helps make project management simple and efficient.



5.  Expensify


Keeping track of expenses can be a time-consuming burden.  With Expensify, tracking expenses for your business account is made easy!  Features allow you to upload receipts by photographing them from your phone or tablet.  The app is even designed to pick put the vital details such as the date and the amount spent.  Expensify can even create expense reports and record mileage!  It makes tracking expenses quick and easy.


Any app that allows us to simplify tasks and duties for both work and life are worth the time to install and figure out. There are infinite apps designed for all areas of professional work, but these five stand out from the rest.  Take a moment to check them out and make your life just a little bit easier!


What apps do you use to make life easier???