David Feldman

Timeless Pearls of Wisdom

Blog Post created by David Feldman Champion on May 19, 2016

As youth, we thought we knew it all and couldn't be bothered to take advice from anyone.  As we get older, we learn to listen to advice from older or more experience people in our lives.  Those of us who continue to achieve personal growth throughout our lifetime are the ones who are able to ask for and use advice from the people we value.  While some of these pearls of wisdom may make you smile in recollection of the person or time you heard it yourself, here is a short list of some of the best advice we have been lucky enough to receive.


Spend Your Time Wisely


There are not many things in life that are truly gone once they're gone.  Time is one of them.  It is something you will never get back.  Change your mindset about time to thinking of it as your most valuable asset and spend it wisely.


Hard Work is Better than Ability


Having the ability to do something well is just that - the ability.  It does not mean you will do something well or that you'll use your ability.  Working hard every day whether you are the best at what you're doing or not will serve you better in the long run.  A great attitude and strong work ethic are two of the greatest qualities you can possess.


Quality over Quantity


Doing a job right is better than doing a job quickly. Producing one item that is high quality will earn you more than twenty substandard items.  In the long run, you'll avoid having to redo something and your hard work will be recognized. 


Mind Your P's and Q's


As a child, whenever my great grandmother would say this to me, I would think of points and questions, or more simply, manners. There is never a time when rudeness is acceptable and all things can be said politely.  Mind your manners and people will treat you better as well.


Don't Worry What Others Think


In a world of instant gratification, nobody is paying attention to you!  This may sound harsh but it's true.  Stop being so self-conscious.  If you leave the house everyday with the thought that you'll never see these people again, you'll stop worrying what strangers think and you'll be much happier for it!  The only people who matter know all about your quirks and aren't judging anyway.


For less anxiety and a happier mindset, take the advice of those who have lived and learned.  You can choose to ignore it of course or twenty years in the future you could look back and be thankful you chose to listen!