David Feldman

Vacation Destinations Without the Crowds

Blog Post created by David Feldman Champion on May 29, 2016

OK, since it's summer, I can't help myself but to keep on my vacation kick, and post additional information on vacations for everyone! 


In my mind, a vacation is not relaxing if it's spent among hundreds, or even thousands of strangers all trying to see the same breathtaking sights and experience the same once in a lifetime experiences.  If I can, I plan my vacations to popular destinations in the off season to avoid such crowds.  If you only have the time to travel during the most popular summer months, finding a vacation destination worth the trip but without the crowding can be difficult. Here are some great lesser known suggestions to have a great, and an actual relaxing vacation!


1.  Mackinac Island, Michigan


To get to the island, you'll have to travel by boat because cars are not allowed!  What?!  No cars. No traffic, no smelly exhaust or modern noise.  Walking, biking, and horseback riding are the transportation means of choice.  The island is reminiscent of a simpler time. With outdoor adventure, great lodging, dining, and small shops, Mackinac Island offers something for everyone! Located in Lake Huron, 80% of the island is a state park.  Hiking and walking paths, kayaking and boating are available for the outdoorsy folk, while the town boasts historic buildings and attractions.  You'll find the activities you desire without the crowds at this vacation destination.


2.  Glacier National Park, Montana


Even though Glacier is a National Park, it's remote location make it one of the least crowded of the big parks in the west.  With only 2 million visitors annually, Glacier receives just half the people that Yellowstone and Yosemite do while offering comparable, if not better, natural attractions! Stunning scenery, abundant wildlife, and a sense of just how large the west used to be, you'll leave this vacation destination feeling utterly at peace with yourself and the planet. 


3.  Sedona, Arizona


Located north of Phoenix, Sedona has the honor of being recognized as one of the most beautiful places in America year after year.  Beautifully hued red rocks rise from the desert for a stunning view that you can't find anywhere else. It's location provides a break from the stifling Arizona heat.  With almost 2 million acres of national forest surrounding Sedona, hiking, camping, biking, etc. is all just a short trip away.  Luxurious lodging, dining, wineries, and shopping is also present for those looking to be pampered.


4.  Northeast Kingdom, Vermont 


Located in the northeast corner of the state, this region of Vermont boasts beautiful, untouched landscape and the picturesque towns travelers expect.  For those seeking adventure or those looking for the ultimate relaxation vacation, the Northeast Kingdom has exactly what you're looking for.  Spend your days hiking or canoeing the Connecticut River, shopping for local, handcrafted gifts or enjoying the rich dining experience.  Enjoy the best the state has to offer without the crowds the southern region receives.


What are your favorite "no crowd" vacation destinations?