Um.. stop saying um... (so says Seth Godin)

Blog Post created by pujajavalagi Advocate on Jun 9, 2016

Seth-Godin.jpgSeth Godin addresses a common problem that many aspiring public speakers might be dealing with: the issue of “ums” and “likes” taking over a presentation and distracting from the original message. He makes it clear that this doesn’t just go away, it has to be trained away. Learn how you can train away this bad habit to become a better public speaker. 


Um Seth...I really dig the cool glasses.


The full post is on his amazing blog:   http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2016/06/um-and-like-and-being-heard.html


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PSS: What do YOU think about UM? Do you use UM?  Admittedly I use it.