David Feldman

4 Habits that will Completely Transform your Productivity

Blog Post created by David Feldman Champion on Sep 15, 2016


They say people with a chaotic work environment are the “creative” ones… while that may be true, the clutter is probably not helping you get stuff done.  Creativity may arise from chaos, but a litter-strewn office probably isn’t helping you get stuff done. Studies have shown, even if you don’t think you’re noticing the disorder, it hurts your ability to focus.



How many times a day are you checking your phone?  Maybe you’re one of the few that has the iron willpower to not look when you hear the buzz.  The truth is, even if you are one of the few with the ability to resist the urge to sneak a peek, it’s still a major distraction.  Studies have revealed that even if you don’t look at your phone when it buzzes, the sound makes your mind wander.



In my opinion, meetings are generally a bad idea to begin with.  ESPECIALLY meetings where you have large groups just sitting and observing.  But if you do have to have meetings, here’s what you can do.  Create an agenda, so you stay on topic.  Don’t let other members sidetrack your conversation.  Limit your agenda to no more than three topics.  This keeps it short, and focused.  And last, send out meeting minutes after the meeting with action items noted on your agenda.



No matter how busy your days get, make sure you carve out and fiercely protect 90 minutes—20% of an eight-hour day—for the most important tasks. Even if you get nothing done for the rest of the day, if you put in 90 solid minutes every day on HVA’s (High Value Activities) you will accomplish more than most.  Crazy to think only 90 minutes can put you in the upper echelon, but it can…