Rising Career - Growing Family Workshop Next Week

Blog Post created by suz.odonnell Advocate on Sep 21, 2016

Good news for working moms and those thinking about starting a family!  As part of Pink Petro's efforts to helping women in energy rise in their carers, I'm providing some free passes for a workshop next week (chose from Sept 27, 29 or 30): 


Three Common Career Mistakes Professional Women Make When Planning & Balancing a Family

...and How to Avoid Them


During this session you’ll learn how to:

  • Prevent making mistakes that could affect your career trajectory and family happiness.
  • Manage the factors that are in your control and influence the factors that seem to be outside of your control.
  • Achieve your goals for yourself, your career, and your family!


This event has received rave reviews from participants at Google, Motorola, Capgemini, Women's Energy Network of Chicago, and many more.  


Go to to see full event details and register.  

Enter code PinkPetro2016 to get this $75 event for free. 


Be sure to register as soon as you can before seats are full.  After you've secured your spot, you are welcome to share this event and free code with your friends outside of PinkPetro. 


You can have a fruitful career AND a happy family!


Wishing you a thriving career and personal life,