David Feldman

Improve Motivation for You and Your Employees

Blog Post created by David Feldman Champion on Oct 6, 2016

Staying motivated and productive all day, everyday, is difficult to master.  In a world with instant access to so many distracting and fun apps, websites, games, etc., it's entirely too easy for productivity to slip.  Here are four fool-proof ways to boost productivity and motivation in the workplace.


1. Remove Motivation Killers


First, you want to identify and get rid of those things that kill motivation.  These can range from toxic people and poor communication, to the lack of available professional development.  Lack of organization, and feeling underappreciated are also major motivation killers.  Watch your employees or monitor yourself to figure out what exactly is hindering your motivation at work.  Once identified, take steps to remove the culprit immediately.   


2. Timely Feedback and Clear Goals


To increase motivation we often need to increase expectations.  If so-so work is accepted, mediocre work will be done.  Work with your teams, employees, and peers to set clearer, more specific goals for the quality of work required.  When there is a guideline, it tends to be followed.  When work has been received, be sure to provide relevant and immediate feedback.  Address concerns and praise high quality production.  Let everyone from the boss to the office assistant know how they are performing and what can be improved.


3. Create Standards and Opportunities for Professional Development


Along the same lines as creating specific goals is establishing standards.  Every employee should know exactly what is expected of them.  Without these explicit expectations, people tend to find the easy way out and make excuses.  Remove the opportunity to do so with standards.  Creating professional development opportunities allows people to improve and build their skill sets, making their work more efficient and of a higher quality.  You'll now have something to aspire to, a way to attain higher positions, and challenges to meet.  The motivation to succeed will increase instead of the feeling of "flat lining" in work performance.


4. Effective Communication


Communication, at every level, is imperative for motivation and productivity.  Effective communication leads to proper functioning in the workplace.  Employees should know the hierarchy of the business, who the experts are, and where to go to find information or support.  Communication between every party, office, or group is essential for higher productivity. 


While there are more steps that can be taken to increase productivity, these four are the most important.  Implementing the strategies discussed here will increase the productivity for every employee and for the business as a whole.