David Feldman

Five Excel Hacks You NEED to know

Blog Post created by David Feldman Champion on Oct 27, 2016

1. Open multiple Excel files at once


If you have a bunch of files that need to be opened, don’t open them one by one.  There’s a much easier way to open multiple files.  Simply select the files you would like to open then press the Enter key on the keyboard, all files will open simultaneously.




2. Quickly navigate with Ctrl + arrow button


Do you have thousands of lines of data that you need to highlight?  Or want to quickly highlight across tens or hundreds of columns?  When you click Ctrl + any arrow button on the keyboard, you can jump to the edge of the sheet or your data set in different directions. If you want to jump to the bottom line of the data, just try to click Ctrl + downward button.



3. Transform the case of your text


Instead of going through and retyping everything, there are some simple formulas that will help you get your text to look the way you want.  UPPER, LOWER and PROPER, can transform texts for different purposes. UPPER will capitalize all characters, LOWER can change text to all lower case and PROPER will only capitalize the first character of a word.





4. Dealing with values that start with zero


When you enter a value that starts with zero, Excel will delete the zero by default. Rather than reset the Format Cells, this problem can be easily solved by adding a single quote mark ahead of the first zero.





5. Transpose data between columns and rows


Do you have data that extends out horizontally and you want it vertical?  Or vice versa?  Don’t copy each row and paste vertically one by one...  There’s a much easier way to transpose the information. Copy the area you want to transpose, move the pointer to another blank location. Go to Home->Paste->Transpose, please note that this function won’t activate until you copy the data first.


Those are just a few Excel tricks that will help you be more efficient and save time when you manipulating and managing your data.  Good luck!