David Feldman

Is Your Team Happy With Your Management?

Blog Post created by David Feldman Champion on Dec 7, 2016

Business is more than a gathering of Profit and Loss reports. Organizations are comprised of individuals who have genuine sentiments, feelings and thoughts regarding their occupations, their working environment, their collaborators and their esteem inside an association.   When a working environment is not as productive as it could be, representatives are disappointed or despondent.  This lack of motivation can have a seriously negative effect on not only the team, but the company.  So what can you do to be a better manager and keep our teams engaged?


More Employee Reward and Recognition Programs


Whether they let it be known or not, most workers need someone to let them know they are appreciated every now and again.  A gesture of congratulations, an attaboy, or even a basic (and sincere) thank you for a task well done from a boss goes a long ways toward turning around negative worker dispositions.


And as managers, we should be held to a higher standard when it comes to generously giving worker acknowledgment and prizes.  The last place you want to be is in an us versus them situation between administration and line-level workers.   These sorts of divisions can rapidly rise if we as managers seem out of touch and unappreciative.


Relax a Little


Most employees feel happier and perform better if the administration is not so tense.  One idea that many offices use to help this is “dress down Fridays”.  It’s a chance to ditch the standard uniform or business clothing for a day and wear something comfortable.  Another option is to encourage team members to get involved in your community sports by permitting them to wear their team jerseys and shirts before the big game.   The idea with both of these is to just relax a little.  Life is meant to be fun.


Hold Free-Form Pre-Work Meetings


The brief time just before everyone starts their day is the best time to hold short yet educational gathering between direct report administrators and their group. Be careful though… these meetings should not be only to read boring reports or listening to grumblings.  These gatherings ought to be kept cheery and positive. Workers ought to anticipate them as opposed to fear them.  

 These are just a few ideas of how you can be a better manager and keep your employees engaged and productive at work.