David Feldman

How to Stay Motivated at Work

Blog Post created by David Feldman Champion on Mar 22, 2017

Are you feeling a lack of motivation at work? The good news is you can start feeling motivated and inspired by making a few simple changes at your workplace!  Here are 5 ways you can beat discouragement at work and stay motivated!


Set the Mood to Creative

Put encouraging wallpaper on your computer screen and make a playlist of music that makes you feel creative.


Make a Checklist

It feels great to check something off a to-do list, so make a list of the things you need to get done today at work and check them off as you do them.


Reward Yourself

Once you’ve checked something off your work list, reward yourself by taking a 5 minute walk, having a healthy treat, or checking social media – whatever helps you be encouraged at work!


Positive Mindset

If you bring a positive, or growth, mindset to work every day, you believe you can develop your talents to accomplish your goals. You don’t let your failures define you, viewing them as learning opportunities. If you have a confident outlook, it will be easier for you to tackle even the more difficult challenges at work.


Make Your Workspace Inspiring

Did you know that having an organized workspace can help you organize your mind? And, if your office is decorated in a way that inspires cheerfulness, you are more likely to feel motivated! Try adding some bright colors to your work place or some inspire artwork to make you feel happy and motivated.


No one wants to feel discouraged or uninspired, especially at their work, where they spend the better part of their week.  Follow these 5 suggestions to make your work day a little more positive and little more productive so you can have a better life!