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Everyone’s heard that to be more productive, you should get up earlier, avoid distractions, exercise, and eat a healthy breakfast. All those tips are great ways to boost your productivity at work. But, if you still want to find that extra little way to increase your work productivity, try out these six unusual, science-proven ways you can be more efficient!


1. Turn Up the Heat at Work. Studies show that, if you work in a warmer environment, then you can type faster and more accurately, leading to more words per minutes and faster writing. Now, who doesn’t want that?


2. Smile Like You Mean It. Research shows that, while faking a smile can lead to more stress and anxiety, if you smile like you mean it at work, you could improve your health and your mood, making your tasks at work easier and less stressful to complete!


3. Take a Cold Shower Before Work. I know it’s not the most fun experience, but science shows that taking a cold shower in the morning can actually help boost your productivity at work, as well as improve your health.


4. Decorate Your Office with Red or Blue. Being surrounded by the color red while working can help improve your motivation and help you focus on details, while the color blue can help you focus when you’re working on more creative tasks, as it promotes a calm mindset. Both colors help with work productivity, it just depends what type of task you need to focus on!


5. Stop Multitasking. Multiple studies show that you get less work done if you multitask. Your brain just isn’t able to ignore out distraction and concentrate when you try to work on more than one task at a time. So, do yourself a favor and focus on one thing at a time while at work.


6. Meditate. This isn’t just superstition! Studies show that meditation can improve your mood and make you feel better, leading to a better work day.