Marilynn Barber

Power Up Your Personal Brand

Blog Post created by Marilynn Barber on Jul 26, 2017

Business challenges abound today – but there’s one piece of this puzzle that YOU can control – the way you dress for your business.


Your success is directly related to how people connect to you.  What you wear tells the world what kind of work you do, how seriously you take it, and subliminally, what kind of woman you are.  Your clothes define your public ‘self’.  Your workwear signals your authority, experience, and ambition.  Visuals communicate complex ideas into something more digestible and you position yourself to leave a more lasting impression.  It’s the Picture Superiority Effect.   Very simply, people remember pictures better than words.  If we make our image unique and impactful it will trigger the Picture Authority Effect with the viewer.  Help them remember you in the most favorable way.


That’s why developing a clothing strategy for your career makes so much sense.  It offers a way to create your distinctive personal brand – one that gives you a consistent image every day.  Plus, it makes getting dressed for work fast and easy because you don’t have to agonize over ‘making outfits’ every morning.  Why start every day standing exasperated in your closet when you could be in and out with just a few minutes with a completely coordinated look for the day?  This IS possible and doesn’t have to break the bank.

Dress Like You Mean Business

That’s why I wrote Dress Like You Mean Business and that’s why I work with business women to create their most effective business image.  Make it easy for colleagues and peers to remember YOU as the competent, confidential professional you are.  Dress like YOU mean business! 


I will be posting regularly and always happy to take questions.  If you'd like me to work one-on-one with you for an event or a season, I can do that.  OR, if you'd like me to speak to your group, I'd be happy to do that too.  I'm an advocate for all women to succeed in their chosen professional.  I'm at 832.707.9339